The purpose of this virtual summit is to bring young people, industry leaders and entrepreneurs together in a series of webinars, workshops and online interviews creating a knowledge sharing platform. This will enable and facilitate participants to share strategies around how young people can overcome the impact of COVID-19 and revitalise Africa’s growth. Additionally, this virtual summit will seek to educate young people on the AfCFTA and how to leverage it in order to thrive in this ‘new normal.’  YALDA seeks to play its part in ensuring that efforts are undertaken to resolve information asymmetries that result from the lack of knowledge transfer about how this agreement will work, impact the youth and how they may potentially benefit from it in the long-term.

Hey Amazing Delegate You!

Please find Zoom link to join the session here:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82400359555

We will start promptly this Thursday 12th November at 6.45am GMT; 8.45am CAT; 9:45am EAT so please be on time.